Welcome back & Sephora Ships to the UK now.. SAY WHAT?

Well hi there, and welcome back to Gemma Nicole Beauty! As you’ve probably noticed (if you’ve ever looked at my blog before), I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks and my excuse for that is nothing other than I’ve been hormonal, moody, unmotivated and too damn lazy to tell you the truth. But here I am, I’m back, fresh as a daisy and ready to type type type.

I had a couple of weeks off work, (where I spent the majority of that time asleep) and returning to work on a week with a lot of emotional upset and lack of sleep (I know.. I just said I slept for 2 weeks but hey) my blogging schedule had basically gone straight out the window (and smashed into a million pieces on the ground). But now everything’s well in the world of Gemma so I won’t bore you any longer!


Am I the only one who didn’t know Sephora now ships to the UK?! And if everybody else knew, then why am I the last to know? Being a beauty addict/makeup junkie I’d have thought I would have been aware of this vital piece of information before now. But anyhow, I’ve just placed my order for the Too Faced ‘The Power of Makeup’ eyeshadow palette by NikkieTutorials and oh my god I’m excited! Watch this space for my upcoming review and swatches post. And don’t worry you haven’t missed your chance to get your hands on this stunning palette, it’s coming to the UK too! Available online only at Debenhams on 26th August and in store only at Oxford Street Debenhams on 28th August.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love always,



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