Birthday Weekend in Paris

So to celebrate my 22nd Birthday me and Mark decided to take a trip to the City of Lights/Love; Paris! As I’d never been on a plane before the flight was an adventure in itself. I sincerely apologise to the little boy sat in front of me on the plane for my shrieking on both landing and taking off! So, if you’re planning a trip to Paris or just want to see what we got up to then keep on reading.

I had NEVER been abroad (let alone on a plane), and I had been seriously anxious about flying for years as I hate the feeling of g-force. It stopped me from planning to go abroad before now because I didn’t think I’d go through with it. Fortunately though, my desire to travel and see the world outweighed my fears of flying, and I was fairly confident I’d at least be able to take the flight there.

I loved the experience of flying, with the exception of landing and taking off. I shrieked each time, without fail, drawing the attention of the other passengers who were turning around and staring as I squeezed the arm rest and Marks hand, until both of them were mangled beyond repair. Once in the air though, I absolutely loved it. The view above the clouds was stunning and I could not have been more pleased with myself for having got on the plane.

Day 1

Once in Paris, we did a hell of a lot of walking, 18.7km (over 11 miles!) just on just the first day. The plan was to get off the plane, check in to our hotel and then have a little wonder around the area and maybe find some food… This didn’t happen. After we checked into the hotel, we ended up walking to the Louvre.

The Louvre and the surrounding area was beautiful, the architecture and scenary was wonderful. We spent quite a bit of time there and also went back a couple more times during our visit. My only complaint was that the fountains surrounding the entrance to the Louvre were turned off, which doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but it did make it quite disappointing for a blogger! There are however more fountains in the gardens just down from the Louvre, which were lovely. They are surrounded by green deck chairs, which were pretty much the reason we kept coming back to this park. It was lovely to lie there in the sun, with the Eiffel tower in view, watching HUGE fish swimming around in the fountain, as well as ducks hoping for some french bread.

After our visit to the Louvre we carried on exploring, thinking that the Eiffel Tower couldn’t be too far away as we could see it clearly in the distance. Whilst it is only about four kilometres we had already walked quite far so it felt like forever getting to the Eiffel Tower. Words can’t describe just how big the Eiffel Tower looks when you’re standing underneath it.

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, we were a bit too exhausted on our first day there to climb it so instead made our way back to our hotel using the Metro (which I personally loved using and it was so cheap!) We rested for a bit and freshened up before going out in search of food. We found a gorgeous little restaurant called Marcella where we had a French take on ‘pizza’, which was interesting, accompanied by the best wine either of us had ever tasted!

Day 2

The second day was my 22nd Birthday! Exhausted from our busy day before, we had a lay in, followed by a very late breakfast and an iced tea from Starbucks. Breakfasts in Paris are everything you imagine them to be; croissants, baguettes, pain au chocolates, etc. We visited the same little bakery, called Boulangerie, each morning of our stay, which was fantastic! After breakfast we revisited the park next to the Louvre and wandered around Paris until we ended up back at the Eiffel Tower in the evening. We decided to climb the 704 steps up to the second floor, before then taking the elevator up to the summit. It was crazy busy and it took about an hour and 45 minutes from when we started queuing to get to the top but it was totally worth the wait. It was dark when we got to the top but we saw then why Paris is known as the City of Lights. It really was stunningly beautiful and an unforgettable experience.

Day 3

On day 3 we decided to take the RER train to Disneyland Paris. We had intended to go in, but we found that by the time we had explored the village outside of the park, and considering the price, we had had enough Disney to justify our visit. We then discovered ‘Planet Hollywood’, which is essentially a mixture between an American style Diner and a museum full of film props, were we had Burgers and life was good.

Day 4

We spent our last day chilling at both our hotel and the gardens surrounding the Louvre. Our flight wasn’t until the evening, so we shopped around for gifts on Rue de Rivoli, as well as visiting a Haagen-Dazs ice cream parlour, and the Angelina Tea Room/Patisserie; which was incredible. Their Hot chocolates are a must-try when in Paris. I would however suggest sharing a cup because it is so incredibly rich, each of us could only manage about a quarter of a cup! The cakes and pastries all looked amazing, but we couldn’t bear anything else sugary after the hot chocolate.

So that pretty much covers what we got up to in Paris. I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings and all of our travel snaps and if you are taking a trip to Paris I hope you have a wonderful time!


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