Afternoon Tea with Clinique

Sitting in bed on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, a blanket wrapped around me, waiting for jacket potatoes to cook. What better time to write my thoughts on the latest addition to the Clinique Pep-Start range than now!

So recently I was invited by the lovely ladies at Clinique to attend their afternoon tea event at Jarrolds, where myself and some lovely Norwich bloggers were given the opportunity to try out the latest addition to the Pep-Start range. The ladies at Clinique sure know how to do afternoon tea the right way – skip the tea and move straight on to Prosecco!

We were treated to a beautiful spread of tasty treats (which disappeared rather quickly I might add) as we tried out the new Clinique Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask! Just looking at these photos makes me hungry.

I tried this on myself (dry skin) and on my partner (oily skin – he won’t admit it but he loves a bit of pampering). I applied a couple of pumps of the pink gel onto my fingertips and dotted it over my whole face and then lightly rubbed the product around my face until it was evenly covered. Within seconds a blanket of tiny bubbles appeared (just like the photo below) and, having never experienced a face mask that creates bubbles, it was pretty exciting!

I left the mask on for about 2 minutes and once the bubbles started popping themselves, I rinsed the mask off with warm water and patted my face dry. Both mine and Mark’s skin felt so soft and cleansed afterwards and I actually decided not to wear foundation for the day as my skin looked so smooth and radiant!

A great thing about this product is that it is suitable forĀ all skin types which is usually pretty hard to find. I was a little concerned about whether it would dry me out as I have very dry skin already but it didn’t make my skin feel tight or uncomfortable afterwards like some masks do. Of course, with a purifying mask the point is to draw out any dirt/debris and remove surface oil so it’s normal for the skin to feel a little dry afterwards but that’s why we moisturise after! I used my holy grail face moisturiser, the Clinique Superdefense daily defence moisturiser after to rehydrate and that’s it!

Photo credit to @gingernatalie_x

The product officially launches on 15th September where you can pick up your free sample in store!


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